This fundraiser is going to save my child’s life

She was doing fine in the first 8 months after she was born and does all the activities done by a normal baby. After 8 months she can’t even roam around she isn’t able to sit properly and she started to cry all the time, we wondered what happened to her. So we decided to take her to the hospital for a check-up and but it was all normal so we took an MRI scan and we find out there is a problem.

So we admitted her to Fortis hospital in Bangalore for treatment but that doesn’t work out well we took her to another doctor and he suggested as to take her to Chennai for further treatment, so we admitted her to Apollo proton cancer center for further treatment and the estimated amount is around Rs 40,00,000. We already spent a lot of money on her treatment from our hands and we are out of money.

And I am a daily wage worker and I cannot afford that much amount, And we never thought this situation will happen, And I hope each and every one of you will contribute to my daughter’s treatment.

I want this community to help my daughter to recover from this horrible disease.

Your donation is a big blessing for our family.

The goal amount of the campaign may be higher than the attached estimates to address and aid the post-hospitalization expenses/contingencies including but not limited to prolonged medication, diagnostics, rehabilitation therapies, and follow-up doctor visits/consultations which vary from disease to disease.

You can donate zakat sadqa and bank interest also

This treatment is not available in govt hospital

Please donate as much as possible

JEF and charitable trust



Ifsc HDFC0006203

Victoria layout branch

Gpay and phone pay to trust 74119 47564.

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